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Ceramic Hearts

These small tactile ceramic heart shaped trinket dishes are all individually made, each one is unique in finish.

The blue hearts with red or blue glaze have been fired in an electric kiln to 1060°C and have a blue oxide matt glaze and most have been finished with just a touch of red or blue glaze.


Other hearts have been fired outside in a Raku kiln. After a bisque firing they are glazed, sometimes leaving parts that I want to turn black from the smoke.  The pieces are put in the kiln fired to around 950°C. While they are still glowing red hot, they are then placed in a bucket with material that easily catches fire. The lid goes on and this starves the work of oxygen. This hopefully creates wonderful effects. Smoke goes where there are crackles in the glaze. The parts that do not have glaze will have a matte black colouring. After it has been in the bin with combustables it will need a good scrub. What comes out of the bin after it has had the smoke treatment is always a surprise.

Surprise pottery gifts from the kiln.

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